Friends of Evington have been successful in obtaining a grant from the Community Lottery Fund for £10,000 in order to enhance Evington for both people and pollinators.

Already the grant has enabled tools to be upgraded.   “With the right tools it  is so much easier to be able to organise group gardening sessions or litter picking sessions or get on with the work in smaller groups” said Chair of Friends of Evington, Paul Archdeacon.

On 8th July, 2021 a judge from East Midlands in Bloom will be coming to see all the Evington in Bloom projects and she will be evaluating them for community involvement, environmental and community work.

So what will she see?

The itinerary is as follows:

The Co-op garden on the corner of Main Street and St. Denys Road.  LE5 6GB.

The War Memorial across the road.  LE5 6GB

The Medieval moated site which is part of the Arboretum LE5 6DU

The Arboretum itself which is 54 acres of trees, grassland, meadows, woodland and water habitats.  It is laid out with paths for residents and visitors to enjoy.  LE5 6FA

The Village Hall is run by a Trust for the people of Evington. LE5 6FA.

High Street is a pleasant road that leads back to Main Street.

Evington Library.  Tired beds are getting a revamp.  LE5 6DH

Evington Park.  A place where volunteers and park staff work together to improve the grounds.  A new bee-line is developing through the park.

Then the judge will need to travel to The Garden of Hope which is on the junction of Gamel Road and Davenport Road.  LE5 6TB.  This area is being developed as a mini park.

On her way back to Evington Village, the judge will see the Goodwood Road bee-line.

The Village Green has much more than this long border and is also developing biodiversity with new bee-lines.
The Cedars Pub has been supported by Evington in Bloom with lovely new containers for perennial plants along by the white bollards and replanting the raised bed.
This is the site of the medieval moated site called Piggy’s Hollow. To find out more, just put Piggy’s Hollow into the search on this website.
The Arboretum is a large 54 acre site with very many variety of trees, meadows and Evington brook. It is well worth coming to visit Evington just to walk around this lovely site.
St. Denys Church celebrated 800 years from being dedicated. It is probably even older than that. It is a beautiful parish church by the Arboretum. It is developing as an Eco church.
Evington Village Hall was built by the people for the people in 2013. There are rooms for hire and it is run by a charitable trust.












This view of Evington Park shows the area called the Burnaby Gardens which is now managed by volunteers through Evington in Bloom in partnership with Leicester City Council’s volunteering scheme called Leicester Environmental Volunteers.
This view of Evington Park shows Evington House with some of the formal beds that are laid out in front of the house.
The Garden of Hope has been developed from a dumping ground. Behind the area you can see in this picture is woodland that is also being improved by the Evington in Bloom team.
This picture shows part of the bee-line that is being developed by Goodwood Road. If you look carefully you will see a huge variety of plants. The bee-line extends for nearly a mile.

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