Decentered Media, Leicester Stories and the Evington Echo

Decentered Media, Leicester Stories and the Evington Echo

Decentered Media

Decentered Media ( is based in Leicester and is about helping their clients, like the Evington Echo, to think about how their readers engage with them and how the local community understands the products and services the Echo provides.

The Evington Echo team has sought advice from Decentered Media and through weekly ‘zoom’ discussions and meetings.

Rob Watson, who manages Decentered Media is a pioneer of innovative approaches to community development, organisation management and media communication for social change.  Rob has a lot of practical experience supporting and developing media for grass root communities and wants to help groups bring people together in shared situations.  This means enabling them to tell their stories.

Leicester Stories

Leicester Stories ( is a community focussed project for sourcing, gathering, editing and sharing stories.  It builds up trusted relationships with participants and partners and aims to be both transparent and accountable.

Evington Echo

The Evington Echo magazine and website are media outlets, but focussed on a specified area of Leicester City.  This May 2022, eight Friends of Evington members met with Rob Watson from Decentered Media to discuss community reporting in Evington.  Rob Watson has helped with hosting this new Evington Echo website, so like Decentered Media and Leicester Stories, it has the IMPRESS seal of approval, aiming for both transparency and accountability in reporting.


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