Evington Jubilee Celebration – Friday 3rd June 2022

Evington Jubilee Celebration – Friday 3rd June 2022

It was a lovely day today at the Evington Jubilee Celebration on the Village Green.    Check out our pictures and our podcast of people from Evington’s diverse community who came together to celebrate and relax.

Thanks go to:

Zuffar Haq – Main event coordinator

Helen Pettman, Mokhtar Hussein and Shiraz Durran – Joining Zuffar as the Event planning team

Supporting businesses were Vintage 186 Cafe, Nisa Local, Nazars,  Bennetts and Excelsior Carpets

Local volunteers were Harkesh Farma, Denise Ismail, Babooji Odedra, Rosemary Gorrod, Val Fisher, Jean Matthews and Manu Chauhan.

Supporting displays: Jay Chauhan, Penny Fielden, Rob Watson and Judith Walmsley

Music by Pot Luck – Jodie and Shane

Donation of food – Masjid Mu’adh ibn Jamal  (60 Gamel Road, Evington)

Supporting organisations were St. Denys Church, Evington Village Hall, and  Festival and Events, Leicester City Council.


Rob Watson

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