Anyone that had any contact with children during the 1990’s will surely be familiar with the concept of Pokemon, the exotic ‘pocket monsters’ that played an integral part in the childhood of many millennials. The sensation that  involved trading cards and gorping open-mouthed at a Game Boy has transitioned to the iPhone and has once again grasped the attention  of adults and children alike. Evington, in particular, has become a hotspot for the new game: Pokemon Go.

‘Pokemon Go’ uses Google Maps and GPS to integrate the fictions world into our everyday reality. The app encourages users to explore their surrounding area in order to progress further in the game and catch Pokemon. So unlike the conventional video game ‘Pokemon Go’ gets gamers to leave the house, which has enabled users to socialise, get exercise and increase vitamin C intake (although that last point is debatable considering the usual weather in Evington).

Although there were some initial concerns about the dangers of the game, very few of these were applicable to Evington due to the areas distinct lack of cliffs. Just be careful when crossing roads.

This phenomenon has hit the streets of Evington, and the village is a goldmine for gamers as it is littered with what are known as PokeStops, tallying 31 in total. For those of you completely baffled PokeStops are places in Pokemon Go that allow users to collect helpful items for the game and are often located at key landmarks. Some of the local PokeStops can be found at places such as Evington Park House, Evington Youth Club, Evington Village Hall and the Shady Lane Arboretum.

So we at the Evington Echo decided to create the ideal route around the village for PokemonGo gamers to visit as many PokeStops as possible whilst exploring the area.

If you start at the Ethel Road entrance to Evington Park, you’ll immediately find a PokeStop titled simply ‘Evington Park’ and by walking down the track into the park you’ll immediately find another stop called ‘Evington Park North Entrance’.

Then following this track will lead you more stops including;  ‘Meadows and Grasslands’ just to your right and ‘Evington Park Ponds’ to your left. Just beyond on your left,you’ll find the ‘Burnaby Gardens’ stop, and whilst you’re there take a quick look at the beautiful flower displays.

As you approach Evington House, you’ll find the appropriately titled ‘Evington House’ PokeStop. if its open have a look inside, pick up some leaflets and take advantage of the public toilets. Outside the House, amongst the trees on the right, there is ‘Stump Sculpture’ PokeStop hidden away. In addition, if you’re willing to go a tiny bit out of your way to the right, there is another Evington Park PokeStop located at the sign.

Then if you redirect yourself, walking past the outdoor gym equipment and the ’Tree of Life’ sculpture, there is the ‘Bowling Green’ stop and around this area is the ‘Tennis Courts’ stop as well. For the more eager gamers you’ll find yet another ‘Evington Park’ around the back of the Tennis Courts at the car park entrance. To continue your PokeWalk you’re best to exit at ‘Evington Park Gates’ as you’ll find another PokeStop, and this will be found by just continuing down the path past the Bowling Green.

As you turn left and start to walk down The Common, you’ll quickly notice not just one but two PokeStops opposite: ‘Wycliffe United Reform Church’ and ‘Evington Youth Club’. Just bare in mind that the former is a place of worship, and be respectful when playing. Then by walking down The Common you’ll find the final ‘Evington Park’ PokeStop.

At this point, I’d suggest making your way down Main Street, but for the hardcore amongst you there is a detour down Evington Lane where ‘The woodland Habitat’ stop is located. Down Main Street there are three consecutive stops in the form of: the ‘Post Office’,  ‘The Cedars Lounge Bar’  and ‘Evington Chapel’. A short walk past the Evington green will take you to the ‘Memorial’ at the corner, please take care and treat this landmark with the sensitivity it deserves.

Turning right down Church Road will lead you straight up to the ‘Village Hall’, and towards the end of Church Road you will find another PokeStop at ‘St Denys Church’. Just round the bend, you’ll see the entrance to the Arboretum, which is where you will find the ‘Shady Lane Arboretum Sign 1’. From this point we’ll leave you to your own devices to locate the other seven  PokeStops found across the Arboretum.

If you follow this route you will have walked 2 miles, and will have seen all the key landmarks of Evington Village.


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