Baby Fox

Rachel Curtis is an avid nature lover. One recent Saturday morning she was looking over her garden fence which backs on to the local scout hut when she spotted a baby fox apparently asleep under the goalposts. She was quite surprised because she hadn’t seen a fox in the area for some time.

The following morning (Sunday) she took another look and found the baby fox still in the same position under the goalpost netting which seemed to be twisted round its neck. Her husband Stuart, who is a keen birdwatcher, fetched his binoculars and confirmed that the fox was in real trouble. Through the Evington Echo they found the scouts’ phone number and were able to trace the key-holder.

Two volunteers came immediately and within 45 minutes they managed to cut the baby fox free from the netting. The poor thing looked to be at the end of its tether but it managed to scamper away as fast as it’s little legs would carry it.

Rachel was thrilled with this happy conclusion because the fox faced certain death from starvation, and if the children had come to the scout hut and found the baby fox dead they would have been very distressed.


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