Crown Hill College and students receive awards from the Lord Lieutenant of Leicester

Crown Hill College and students receive awards from the Lord Lieutenant of Leicester

On Wednesday 22nd June, Crown Hills had the pleasure of hosting Her Majesty’s The Queen’s Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire. As this is the year of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, platinum-committed students were presented with a specially minted commemorative coin. The Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, who represented The Queen, made the presentations.

Principal Mr Adam said, “We are extremely proud as a staff to produce such talented students. To have this acknowledged by the most prestigious office in the county means a lot for our students!

The platinum students are rewarded for Organisation, Uniform, Respect, Punctuality, Attitude, Class/homework and Equipment and have worked so hard to achieve the award. It was fantastic to see them thoroughly enjoy the day with family and friends.




Lord Lieutenant Community and Business Award

Crown Hills Community College are excited to announce that they have received the Community and Business award from the Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire. These awards were given to 70 organisations across Leicester and Crown Hills were lucky enough to receive one!

They were recognised for this prestigious award for all their environmental work in school and in the local community. They have launched environmental initiatives, including student litter picks.


As part of their character education, a group of Year 7’s went on a litter pick around the local community. It was fantastic to see their eagerness to positively impact the environment. Before they set off on their litter pick, they were asked to collect plastic bottle lids in a separate bag. Once they had collected these bottle lids, they could melt them down with Miss Dexter in DT to make key rings! The students were involved in the process from start to finish. With the help of DT leaders, they had to cut up their bottle lids into small pieces so they were the right size to melt down. Once they were melted into one big piece, they had to cut them into individual key ring sizes. Next came the filing to make sure they were nice and smooth. Lastly, they made a hole in the top so they can thread a key ring through.


Crown Hills also pride themselves on providing a full and varied curriculum for all their pupils, which includes extending the learning and life experiences of children through many and varied activities and clubs. By establishing an apiary (bee hives) within school grounds they hope to bring exciting new opportunities for children, staff, parents and wider school community as well as playing their part in protecting and enhancing our natural environment within the inner city Leicester.


Principal Mr Adam said, “This is an amazing recognition of what the staff and students have done over the past few years.  We look forward to welcoming the Lord Lieutenant again.

Crown Hills Open Evening and Days 2022

Our Open evening will be from 4.00-6.00pm on 6th October

Tours of the school take place from  8.15am to 9.15am and 1.30pm -2.30pm on

Monday 3rd October

Tuesday 4th October

Wednesday 5th October

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