Two Evington Projects for Bees and Other Pollinators

Two Evington Projects for Bees and Other Pollinators


Evington in Bloom and Evington Nature Reserve, under the leadership of Jeff Henry, successfully developed and completed two projects aimed at improving the local environment for bees and other pollinators.  These projects were:

  1.  100 sunflowers
  2.  222 trees for 2022.  The trees were whips of  Bird Cherry, Hazelnut and Crab Apple.
Sunflower seedings grown and ready to give away for 100 Sunflowers in Evington.
Trees planted to make a hedge of Bird Cherry, Hazelnut and Crab Apple. Eventually these whips will grow into medium sized trees if left, but they can be pruned to make a hedge that will attract more wildlife into the garden.


The main drive has been to encourage residents to plant sunflowers and new trees in their own gardens.  This has been a huge success.


But with all good projects there have been some extensions with 22 fruit trees planted in Evington Park’s fruit garden and extra hawthorn whips, as well as some of the original whips, planted in Jugemeadow Community College’s hub area.  This hub, with two mobile classrooms, has been designed for gardening and associated ‘making’ activities for special needs children at Judgemeadow and from other schools.  Except for the extra trees at Judgemeadow Community College, the funding has come through the Community Lottery (Awards for All) with a grant of £10,000 to the charity ‘Friends of Evington’.  The rest of the grant has and will be spent on tools, seeds, plants and trees to enhance areas of land around Evington for people and pollinators.

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