Save Ashfield Academy Residential Department

Save Ashfield Academy Residential Department

The Save Ashfield Academy Residential Department campaign group are asking Leicester City Council not to cut this special needs facility.  This residential department is helping teach special needs children lifelong skills.  One parent describes how his son at 16 wanted to help with washing up his own cup at home after staying and learning at this unit.  Special needs children benefit from learning life-long skills.  This parent said, “This is education, but different from academic education.  Parents of children who don’t need educational statements might not realise how important teaching these social skills are.”

The residential unit at AshField cannot accommodate all the special needs children at the school, but uses fair selection processes and sets up a rota for giving this extra learning experience to those most in need.  If the Council were to cut this service, they would find the cost of caring for children without these skills even more expensive.

There was a campaign group outside the City Hall on 26th October 2022 where about 40 people gathered to highlight this issue.

Helen Pettman

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