Trees in Evington Park
Evington Park tree felling



Following an extensive Tree Survey on Evington Park urgent work on some of the trees has been identified and undertaken.


Unfortunately some of the large established trees have disease and internal rot and can no longer be saved. These trees had been monitored for some considerable time and worked carried out on them over the years to try and save them, but it has failed. We all are sorry that these trees have had to be taken down, but there are no other options available. Where possible they have been left at a safe height and kept as standing dead wood for habitats, the cut wood has been re-cycled and used to create wildlife habitats. New trees will be planted to re-place them, but not necessary in the same place due to soil conditions and possible disease still present.

The following main trees affected are: Ash at the side of the Bowling Green, the large Beech on the main path near the Bowling Green, a Beech on the corner Cordery Rd entrance, two large Ash Trees on the boundary of Cordery Road towards the Harwin Road entrance and the large Oak in front of the House, this Oak has been slowly declining and work has been done to help prolong its life but it has suddenly deteriorated and is now a safety concern.


Jane Ushwell

Senior Parks Officer

Tel: 0116 2734022

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