Evington Resident Appointed President of the Leicestershire Law Society

Evington resident, Ms Mehmuda Duke, Medical Negligence Lawyer and Managing Director at Moosa Duke Solicitors was recently appointed President of the Leicestershire Law Society. Ms Duke is the first Asian woman to be considered for the position, and only the seventh female to be in office in its 155-year history.

The voluntary position is filled by invitation and Ms Duke described it as “an honour to be approached and a vote of confidence”. The Law Society has eight hundred members thus each is a potential candidate. The chosen representative is selected for the skills and stature they will bring to such a prominent position.

Ms Duke graduated from Cambridge and trained as a lawyer in London in 1992. She began her career at leading firms who defend the NHS and also spent two years as the head of the legal department of a large hospital trust. Her skills in the area are recognised through her presence on the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel and has been listed as a ‘notable practitioner’ in the field by Chambers UK.

“ I have always been interested in the medical side of things. I was always surrounded by Doctors at University, and was also married to one. I spent the first part of my career defending doctors” explained Ms Duke. “Over the past 10 – 14 years I have worked in defence of victims of medical negligence.”

Ms Duke feels she brings her experience, leadership and social skills to the role as well as an element of dynamism. In a historically male dominated profession she expressed she has an important role to play and hopes to inspire people to have the confidence to join the Law Society.

“For me it has been a huge honour to be asked and a great privilege to represent all the lawyers in Leicestershire. I have only lived in Leicester for the past 12-13 years so the recognition means a lot.”

In her yearlong term in office, Ms Duke hopes to promote the Law Society and invite people to get involved. She will be working with many different committees as she addresses the new challenges set by the government.

“Each president comes into office with their own aims” Ms Duke informed. “I have one year and one chance. My aim is to do build on and create new relationships with schools by setting up mentor schemes and I hope for members of the Law Society to go into educational institutions and talk about the profession.”

“In late January we will be engaging with students for Schools Court Competitions which will be held at the Crown Courts. I would also like to build relationships with universities and especially women who have an interest in becoming lawyers”.

When asked what advice she would give young women, students and budding lawyers, as a role model and pioneer, she replied, “work hard and do get lots of experience through placements and voluntary work. Opportunities for networking are very important, as are building a group of contacts. Don’t be put off or afraid. Give it your best shot and stick at it.”

If any schools are interested in getting in touch with Ms Duke regarding mentor schemes or for any other information, please contact her by email at mduke@moosaduke.com

Fazila Bhana




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