Evington in Bloom received 5 awards from East Midlands in Bloom on 22nd September 2021

Evington in Bloom received 5 awards from East Midlands in Bloom on 22nd September 2021

These are the awards Evington in Bloom received from their 2021 assessment from East Midlands in Bloom judges.  (East Midlands in Bloom works with the Royal Horticultural Society)

* A Silver Gilt award for Evington in Bloom’s entry.

* A judge’s Special award for the Garden of Hope on Davenport Road.

* A Wildlife and Conservation award for the Beeline on Goodwood Road

* A new Permanent Landscape award for the Cedar’s public house.

* A Winner’s Overall award for the Best Spring Bulb display in the East Midlands at the Evington War Memorial.

The judging took place in Evington on 8th July and the judge was Julie Walker. She said: “Evington in Bloom is back with oodles of enthusiasm, some great new ideas hatched during lockdown and a very healthy bank balance. They are working very much as a team to enhance this lovely urban community with its proud heritage.”  The judge commented on the flourishing flowers in containers on Main Street, the Canna lilies everywhere, the Evington Community Nature Reserve, the maintenance teams at St. Denys Church, the Village Green and the Garden of Hope, the Evington Echo, Evington Park, the Beeline along Goodwood Road, Carers Direct pond and garden and Piggy’s Hollow. “Piggy’s Hollow is a local treasure” she said.

Julie also commented on the excellent working partnership between volunteers and the Council. The judge finished by saying “Ensure you evaluate and record the economic impact and social value of all the wonderful things you are doing.”  Friends of Evington/Evington in Bloom also organised two successful Heritage Walks working with the National Trust who manage Heritage Open Days. Many thanks to all involved.

This picture shows Helen Pettman, coordinator for Evington in Bloom, receiving a Silver Gilt certificate for 2021 on behalf of all the volunteers who helped in this campaign to improve the local area by cleaning and greening.


Helen Pettman


Helen Pettman

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