Bees in High Street in July 2021

Bees in High Street in July 2021

Back in July 2021, while workmen were on the roof of the flats off High Street, they inadvertently dislodged an old bird box that fell to the ground and broke. The next thing residents noticed was that there were many black looking insects buzzing around outside one of the resident’s window. Fortunately, a local bee keeper from Bushby called Melvyn Dines, came along wearing his full gear and moved the bees to a better place. He said that the guard bees that were still buzzing around would soon disperse and go and protect their queen. These were wild bees, so of no interest to bee keepers who have the right to collect swarms of honey bees. The picture shows some residents enjoying their community garden for the High Street flats and there is a new bee box on the right of the picture that has been put up by an unknown benefactor.

The bees now have a new potential home within the High Street community garden.

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