Kartik Chauhan grows Flower Towers in his garden

Kartik Chauhan grows Flower Towers in his garden

Kartik Chauhan lives a bungalow in Evington with his family. He is an Analytical Technician with a gardening hobby and is often seen in his front garden with his flower towers.

In the pictures  above Kartik has a mature tower of aubrieta growing in an aluminium tower that was previously used for packaging, so he is in effect recycling a waste product. The white towers you see in the picture below are made from drainpipes and have begonias.

Kartik says no matter how small a space you may have, you can always use some plants to make a display.  Kartik waters his tower plants by making a central hole with a bamboo stick, so water poured in from the top reaches the lower plants. Another passion of Kartik’s is to grow plants that prefer a warmer climate. Indoors, he is growing guava fruit and black jamun. He would love to be successful with just one of these plants that grow well in the Gujarat region of India able to grow well outdoors in his Evington garden. Thank you Kartik, for a fascinating visit to your garden in the Summer of 2021

Helen Pettman.


Helen Pettman

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