A vision of a sustainable future
Fire up your imagination and come on a journey with me. We will be travelling not through space but through time – to Evington in 2031. Imagine that we have done everything we need to do to stop causing climate change and to protect natural habitats. In this future Evington, the air is clean and the number of hedgehogs is increasing at last.
What do you think life would be like in this sustainable future? What would have changed? What would have stayed the same? How would it feel to live here? What stories would we be reading in the Evington Echo?
For the next issue, we invite you to imagine your life in this sustainable future and write an article for a 2031 edition of the Evington Echo. This could be about an event or a project that you imagine might be happening in this future Evington, or it could even be a history of the last 10 years and how we got to where we need to be. Your article can be long or short and you can provide a picture or just words. Entries from children and adults are welcome! We will then print these in the next issue to share everyone’s vision of a sustainable future.
Please send your entries to evingtonecho@gmail.com before 13th July 2021.
“We cannot create what we cannot imagine.” Lucille Clifton

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