War Memorial

War Memorial

The restoration of the War memorial is nearing completion.  A central grant from Leicester City Council has enabled the cleaning of the memorial itself, and the relaying and cleaning of slabs.  There is now a disabled access path.  Still to come are new benches and a special memorial bench.

Decisions about the war memorial site have been made through a team of volunteers under the umbrella of Friends of Evington, park services staff and our local councillor, Baljit Singh.  We all had a number of meetings together to develop the project.    The air cadets came to dig the borders on a very wet Saturday morning.  They kindly wrote back saying how much they enjoyed being part of the Evington community and being able to help out with the things that are going on.  There are now three new flower beds, two you see in the picture and one new circular bed to match an existing bed.  The old roses were not happy and so the two rectangular beds have been grassed in, so there is more space for standing.

The opening event for the refurbishments is called ‘A Peace Event’ and will take place on 4th August, starting at 6.30pm.  The guest of honour is the City mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby.  After the opening people are invited back to the Village Hall for talks and refreshments.

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