When Onkar takes me in the car I have to travel in the foot well.  It is boring to say the very least.  I should qualify for a seat like all the other passengers.  It’s not fair that I am always dumped in the foot well like a piece of rag.  I deserve more respect than this.  Sometimes Onkar makes me travel in the boot of the car if Kally isn’t around.  I do not like this one bit.

I get my revenge by leaving some little puddles.  Kally knows there is a funny smell when she opens the boot to put her shopping in, but she would never think I had done anything wrong.


Some days when Kally is in a really good mood, not that often, she will put me on the seat next to hers.  I feel so proud on those days and like to be treated in a more respectful manner. Because I am so short, the view isn’t a lot better on the seat as I still can’t see out of the windows, but the dash board is much more interesting than either looking at Kally’s trainers or looking at the carpet.  I can also see Kally driving the car, so it is a lot more exciting to be on the seat.


One day I was on the seat and Kally had to do an emergency stop.  That day I felt the glove compartment hit me on the head.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Kally was so concerned and pulled the car over to check I was alright.  I didn’t like having my head banged, so I gave Kally a quick nip while she was inspecting my head.


Kally had not noticed the rather large crack in the glove compartment’s door because  she had been so concerned about me. The crack had happened when my head had rather violently struck it. When Onkar,(who sees all), next got in the car he noticed the crack in the glove compartment’s door straight away. He also noticed that there were my hairs all over the seat. Kally had forgotten to brush them off due to her concern about me. Onkar wondered how it could have happened and asked Kally.. Kally looked a little confused, she did this quite often.  Both Kally and Onkar went out to the car, Kally to see the crack for the first time.  Well lo and behold there was the crack staring at them in it’s full glory. Onkar was still mystified.  Onkar also pointed out my hairs all over the seat. It suddenly dawned on Kally just how the crack had got there, it must have been my head incident, oh dear she thought.  Stalling for time and not wanting to confess that I had travelled on the seat, Kally told Onkar that she did not feel too well and needed to go inside and sit down. Kally’s brain was working in overdrive to come up with a reasonable explanation.

Kally thought about lying but could not come up with anything that would sound remotely plausible. Then she thought about blaming one of the children but that would not be fair on them. She could always deny any knowledge about it, but she thought that Onkar would never believe that. Kally was even beginning to think that I might not be worth all the trouble. Now what to tell Onkar she thought, it looked like a confession might be the only answer – what trouble Kally and me would be in then. Then it came to Kally in a flash, tell Onkar half the truth – tell him that she had had to make an emergency stop in order to avoid a little old lady who had stepped out in front of her. The sudden stop had made the glove compartment door drop down, and that she had not noticed the crack when she shut it. That sounded good to Kally and it would avoid her and me getting into too much trouble.  Onkar might even praise her for her swift reactions. So Kally told Onkar just that. Onkar looked a little dubious, in fact Kally got the feeling he did not totally believe her. No more was said about the glove compartment’s crack though, phew Kally thought. Then Onkar mentioned my hairs on the seat, there was no way out of this one for Kally.  Kally looked at Onkar with a pleading look and said that she thought there was something wrong with me and if I was on the seat she could keep a closer eye on me . Onkar just said that there was an awful lot wrong with me. He suggested that it would be a lot easier to just get rid of me. Kally decided it was wiser to say nothing.

With that Kally went off to hoover the car and Onkar stayed to work on his horrible plan for getting rid of me. I decided that discretion was the best part of valour, and just lay there trying to ignore my throbbing head.

By Bobby with a little bit of help from Uncle Howard.


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