More election posters for the 4th May elections in Evington

More election posters for the 4th May elections in Evington

I live in Evington Village and have also been involved with Friends of Evington in managing two hustings meetings in Evington this April ’23, with the purpose of giving residents an opportunity to see the candidates that are standing and ask questions.

I have kept all the leaflets that have come through my door or found their way to me.  15 in all!  This is the most hard fought council election I have ever known in Evington with 12 candidates standing.  The three parties, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour each put up three candidates, then there was a Green Party and an Independent candidate.  The twelfth candidate was also independent but with an agent supporting her from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

Here are some more scanned front covers of some of the leaflets:

The Independent candidate for Evington is Baljit Singh













The Green Party candidate for Evington is Jill Fisher

Helen Pettman

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