Leicester Stories of Belonging – Community Reporter Training

Leicester Stories of Belonging – Community Reporter Training

The Evington Echo is seeking volunteers to train as community reporters, and learn how to share stories about Evington and the work that many people do to enhance our community life.

We are working with the Leicester Stories of Belonging project, to train people as community reporters, so we can share stories about the diverse experiences of different people in Evington and Leicester.

We’ve got a couple of events coming up where we will be introducing volunteers how to capture stories and memories of arriving or belonging in Leicester:

5pm – 7pm Tuesday 14th November – Community Reporter Training, Eden Cafe Bar, 11 Main Street, Evington Village LE5 6DN

10am – 3pm Saturday 25th November – Community Reporter Training, Saturday Heritage Fair, Leicester Adult Education College, Belvoir Street, Leicester, LE1 6QL

5pm – 7pm Tuesday 5th December – Community Reporter Training, Eden Cafe Bar, 11 Main Street, Evington Village LE5 6DN

By capturing and recording people’s stories of growing up, living in, or arriving in Leicester, and then broadcasting these stories on Leicester Community Radio, we hope to add to our sense of community cohesion, and our understanding of the many people who now call our super-diverse city home.

Training will be available for those interested in becoming community reporters, focusing on straightforward DIY media techniques to capture and share stories about the neighbourhoods in Evington, and Leicester’s varied communities.

The value in capturing these local stories is that they help us understand the different lives and experiences of different people within our city.

By participating in this project, volunteers can contribute to a larger conversation about life in Leicester, helping to build a sense of unity and community awareness, and help the Evington Echo to reflect the many facets of our local neighbourhoods.

These stories will then be shared in the Evington Echo, via the Leicester Stories website, and broadcast on Leicester Community Radio.

This project is supported by DMU Engage, and is an opportunity for individuals to engage with community media production and storytelling in a way that benefits the wider community.

For those interested in joining or learning more, please keep an eye on the Leicester Stories website for upcoming details on events and how to get involved. Your stories are an important part of Leicester’s collective narrative, and we encourage you to share them.

Rob Watson

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