Improvement Plans – Evington Heritage Village – TRAFFIC

Improvement Plans – Evington Heritage Village – TRAFFIC


Evington is now a Heritage Village.  It would be better if traffic could be reduced through the Main Street.

The complications arise because the planned ring road was never built.

The City Council expect clockwise traffic  to turn right along Uppingham Road and so avoid Evington Village.  However when you come to that junction where the A47 Uppingham Road crosses from Colchester Road joining Goodwood Road, the more intuitive route is to go straight ahead..  At the junction with Ethel Road, the traffic is also likely to go straight on and not turn right.

Sat navs do direct traffic to turn right along Scraptoft Lane but at Uppingham Road the Sat nav said go straight on.   .  When the cars get into Evington, the Sat nav then directs along Church Road and down Shady Lane which is a restricted route.  There are no signposts in the village to direct cars.

Therefore the question has to be why is the traffic coming through the village and not following the ring road.

One answer to this question is that there is confusion because the original Ring Road was meant to continue along Goodwood Road and turn into Biggin Hill Road.  The Council never went ahead with this, but Goodwood Road, even though narrowing, still looks as if it is the Ring Road. Once the traffic gets to the Spencefield Lane junction, it also seems more intuitive to turn right into the village.

Better directional signs at all the junctions would help and particularly if a  roundabout could be built where the Uppingham Road crosses Colchester Road/Goodwood Road.  If this is missed then the last right turn before the village at Ethel Road would need better signposting to make sure the traffic didn’t miss the last opportunity to turn right.

The traffic coming around Leicester in an anticlockwise direction can travel from the Race Course along Stoughton Drive South, Stoughton Drive and Wakerley Road going straight ahead until it meeting the Uppingham Road, this is less confusing.

We need a survey to find out why so much traffic is coming through Evington village.  We need improvements to the Heritage Village to make it a place where people want to stop and enjoy.   The infrastructure needs developing and the village signposted for the things it offers.

The map below shows how clockwise traffic could be diverted at the Ethel Road junction to avoid Evington village.















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