Evington Sound walk with Alex Portlock

Evington Sound walk with Alex Portlock

A Sound Walk in Evington

On a grey Thursday in February, what does Evington sound like ?  Rob Watson from Decentered Media helped Alex Portlock  make a recording as they wandered about Evington.  Cristian Stancu followed them with his camera.

Click on the permalink above to hear the recording.  Enjoy this post and look at the photographs taken by Cristian Stancu.

Evington Park is rather quiet this Thursday noon, only a few dog walkers are getting their share of nature in this suburb village. Alex can hear birds singing, she says it is as if to remind us that nature is still there despite the constant zoom of cars and a distant sound of a chainsaw.

Searching for fauna sounds…after hearing a dog pant, Alex attempted to catch a noise coming from a squirrel. She didn’t have much luck, despite an eager outreach.

The churchyard offers another natural hub, with trees and snowdrops. Even if you don’t know the name of the different species, or recognise the different bird chirps, the sights and sound are still agreeable.  “Evington appears rather green, for a village so close to the city,” said Alex..

Piggy’s Hollow is a more recluse part of Evington. Alex has to listen hard to hear nature’s sound.  « The distant sound of traffic is almost like the sound of the ocean when you stick a seashell to your ear, though less buccolic. » she said.

Again, Alex is seeking sound from furry friends.   No answer was a stern reply.

(From text sent by Alex Portlock)

Rob Watson

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