An Evington resident (who prefers to remain anonymous) was travelling on a 22 bus from Evington to Leicester on 2nd January when a passenger was taken ill and stopped breathing.  As the most knowledgeable First Aider on the bus, she started heart compressions and told the driver to contact the emergency services.

The passenger took a breath just before the emergency services arrived.  Afterwards the Evington resident told me, “I need to go home and assess what has happened for myself and I know I don’t want a fuss.  I prefer an uneventful life, but I am glad I managed to save a life and would urge all people to do First Aid training.”  She said she was grateful to Evington Park’s administration team for organising First Aid classes last year.  “It was the compressions at the right strength that helped”, she said.

Evington Park is a Heart Friendly Park and has two defibrillators accessible to the public.  A member of Evington Park’s administration team organised the free first aid training last at Evington Park House.  The training was with the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust (JHMT) and delivered by volunteer Alan Harrison-White. Alan is the lead trainer for the JHMT.  He was a nurse for 36 years, 25 of those in the field of cardiology.  For the last 10 years he worked in the A and E department of the LRI as a cardiac specialist nurse.

The JHMT was set up following the sudden death of Joe Humphries a fit and healthy 14 year old.  Steve Humphries, Joe’s Dad and chair of The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust, said “This goes to show the value of how anyone can save a life by learning a few simple skills. Everyone can be a lifesaver and immediate action by performing CPR and defibrillation more than doubles the chance of survival from cardiac arrest.”  (For more information go to jhmt.org.uk)

Leicester City Council has set aside £65,000 in an ongoing project to make automated external defibrillators available in Leicester’s parks and open spaces and already have 28 defibrillators in place including a solar powered defibrillator at Bennion Pools. http://www.evingtonecho.co.uk/new-solar-powere…at-bennion-pools/ ‎  They want to make all Leicester’s parks heart safe and have plans for both more defibrillators and more courses with the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust.  Last year six defibrillator sessions were delivered, three sessions at Abbey Park Education Centre and three at Evington Park House.

To find out more or to book on a course contact 4545004 or e-mail parks@leicester.gov.uk


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