Evington Moot 001 – Starting an Its Your Neighbourhood Group

Evington Moot 001 – Starting an Its Your Neighbourhood Group

An Evington Village discussion group, sponsored by the charity, Friends of Evington, discussed the topic ‘What is an IYN?” (‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ group).  It was explained by Helen that an IYN is a rebranding from the Royal Horticultural Society for bringing people together in local communities to improve their local patch.  IYNs can take on very small projects, for example a few neighbours getting together to look after a few hanging baskets, to much larger projects.

A group of 6 local people helped to make this podcast on 21st September at the Vintage 186 Café. The session was facilitated by Rob Watson from Decentered Media and Leicester Stories.

The podcast gives plenty of opportunities for 6 people (with one observer) to ask questions and contribute their understanding of the topic. Harkesh hosted the discussion.  Helen told everyone that Evington in Bloom had won ‘GOLD’ in the Royal Horticultural Society competition.  Val explained her interest in gardening and helping prepare containers and the main entrance to Evington Park garden ready for the East Midlands in Bloom judging in July this year.  Simran explained her ‘A’ level choices and how she wanted to be involved in gardening and writing outside her academic choices.  Lesley spoke about how gardening and being outside had helped her mental health.  Scott explained what his ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ group were doing and how they were working in partnerships locally.  Harkesh ably led the conversation towards a better understanding of the past processes and what the set-up processes had gone before to get this 50 minute moment in time.

We’re not leaving this conversation in the room, but getting it ‘out there’.  The Moot (Village Meeting) discussion on this topic will continue for three more consecutive weeks.


Rob Watson

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