Evington in Bloom win a Gold award from East Midlands in Bloom

Evington in Bloom win a Gold award from East Midlands in Bloom

Congratulations go to all the volunteers who make up Evington in Bloom.  The total effect of all the projects has won us a GOLD award.  Judges from East Midlands in Bloom went on a tour of Evington in July and then held a conference on 21st of September to announce the results of the many entries in this competition.  Evington was in the Urban category and was the winner of this section, closely followed by Littleover, in Derbyshire.

Evington in Bloom was awarded the following marks:  31% for horticultural achievement, 29% for community involvement and 27% for environmental responsibility, with a total of 87%.  Helen Pettman, the Evington in Bloom coordinator, was honoured to receive the prize on behalf of Friends of Evington who sponsors this campaign and all the Evington in Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood volunteers and other helpers – too many to name – who supported this event.

Helen Pettman is holding up the silver plate won by Evington in Bloom and awarded by East Midlands in Bloom for the best urban community in the East Midlands. It was a special honour to have won this award with GOLD.

The judges’ tour followed a route around Evington that included the projects along Main Street, Evington, the Village Green, The Common, Evington Park including the Bowling Club and the Burnaby Gardens, High Street , St. Denys Church car park and St. Denys Churchyard, Piggy’s Hollow in the Arboretum, Church Road, Spencefield Lane, Welland Valley Road, Sedgebrook Road, Sedgebrook Open Space and part of Downing Drive.

The East Midlands judges’ award went to Grace Davidson for the Jubilee bed in the St. Denys Church grounds.

The Cedars won a Silver award in the Best pub competition.

The best front garden on Sedgebrook Road won a Silver gilt award.

Mayflower Academy was the best school garden in the East Midlands for Fruit and Vegetables and won a Silver Award.

Judgemeadow Community College also entered the best school garden competition and were pleased to receive a Bronze award.  Both schools were delighted to receive such a detailed and thorough report of their gardening projects with young people.

Friends of Evington would like to thank the Community Lottery (Awards for All) for the £10,000 funding for their People and Pollinators project.  This funding comes from the money raised by the players of the Lottery.  This year this funding paid for three projects on Main Street, Evington, at the Garden of Hope, Downing Drive and on Sedgebrook Open Space and also tools to do the jobs.  The pictures below give you some idea of these projects.



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