Black Mental Health and Me – A Leicester project

Black Mental Health and Me – A Leicester project

This picture shows members of the African Heritage Alliance:

Left: Tony Francs  Second from left: Brian Simmonds (Project coordinator).  Centre: Chizor Onwueghute (Health leader) Second from right: Jenai Farquharson and Right: Professor Mamoduo Sallah, (Researcher).


The launch took place at the Afro Caribbean Centre on Saturday 11th March 2023.  This launch took place after a month of discussions in many focussed forums for listening and being heard.

These forum events helped ensure that the managing group were well informed and truthful in their dealings  with the people they are serving.  During this first month there were also some Wellbeing markets.


After the launch, there will be the Community Outreach Engagement programme with many free events for further engagement and research.



‘Black Mental Health and Me’ was Commissioned by Leicester City Council (LCC) and  the African Heritage Alliance


More information:


The project’s objectives are to:

1) To understand the barriers facing those from the African heritage community in accessing mainstream mental health provision in Leicester

2) To determine if mainstream mental health service providers in Leicester are effectively promoting and targeting services to those in the African heritage community

3) Ultimately, the project will deliver a report outlining recommendations for effective promotion and engagement in mainstream mental health services for members of the African heritage community

Check out the video below on black mental health



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