We are once again needing to remind parents about inconsiderate parking around the school neighbourhood in Evington, Leicester,  as well as on the pavements outside the school!  This is most unacceptable and seems to have got worse!

In addition, I am forced to remind parents about the dangers they create for our children by their dangerous and inconsiderate parking especially around the Harringworth Road area. 

This is again totally unacceptable!

Please ensure that you do not park on the pavement, across or on any driveways as we do not want to cause any unnecessary distress to the school neighbours or to any parents walking children to school.

We have recently noticed that a number of parents have been parking at the front of the school on the zig-zag lines and causing a major obstruction to others.  We urge parents to be more thoughtful and consider the safety for all!

Harkesh Farma

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