Davenport Road one way closure in Evington under SSHN (Safer Streets, Healthier Neighbourhood Scheme in Evington)

Davenport Road one way closure in Evington under SSHN (Safer Streets, Healthier Neighbourhood Scheme in Evington)

This video was taken of the blockage on Davenport Road that happened at 4.00am on Friday 19th August 2022.


These pictures show the blockage.

A photograph of the blockage on Davenport Road, Evington taken on 28.08.22
A closer view of one of the concrete blocks that is part of the blockage on Davenport Road, Evington 28.08.22
Another closer view of the blockage on Davenport Road Evington showing a used can of drink. 28.08.22.
Blockage of the verge which has the intention of stopping parking on this bit of verge. Also there are now yellow bollards on more areas of the verge leading to the the Mosque (Masjid Ma’adh ibn Jabal).

A local resident living near the blockage said he heard the Council vehicles at 4.00am on Friday 19th August when they were putting this blockage in place.  He complained to an Evington Echo reporter that it was unsightly and dangerous, pointing out that the metal sticking up could hurt children playing there.  He also pointed out that people had started to use nooks and crannies as a litter bin.  He said, “I have to look at this from my house every day and it is unsightly and dangerous”.

In the August/September issue of the bimonthly magazine the Evington Echo, the following article appeared after comments about this scheme were requested from the Davenport Road Closure WA group and the Evington ward councillors.


After ITN Central Live visited local people who were protesting against Evington’s SSHN scheme this June 2022, I wrote to both the protesters and Evington’s three councillors (Cllr. Deepak Bajaj, Cllr. Sue Hunter and Cllr. Shalid Khan) to ask for their comments on a video clip of ITV news’ visit.

In summary, the local residents who were protesting made the following points:

  • The SSHN in Evington will reduce access to and from residents’ homes on Davenport Road, Greystone Ave. Newhaven Road and Mickleton Road, causing great difficulties.
  • It will force residents and local traffic onto already congested/dangerous main roads with greater risks for public safety.
  • It will increase pollution with longer car journeys.
  • Cars on the school run will need to turn around, putting pedestrians at more risk.
  • Essential workers will experience significant problems due to the planned barriers.
  • The Evington scheme was designed without the input of the community.
  • No prior notice of the plans were given to the public.
  • Residents living in the streets involved only received communication in English.
  • These measures will be in place 24/7 for the year, but residents have no issues with traffic other than at the school run times.

Evington councillors replied making the following points, which they also made to the local people who had invited them to a meeting on 19th June, 2022.

  • We were invited to a protest meeting against the Council, not a meeting to engage with residents about the issues. Therefore it would be invidious to attend.
  • Roads are being used as ‘rat runs’ to avoid Goodwood Road.
  • In 2014/2015 local residents petitioned for traffic calming measures.
  • The experiment is a direct result of pressure from local residents.
  • Many other residents support this scheme.
  • Adam Clarke is committed to scrapping the scheme if it causes more difficulties, based on evidence.
  • We are carrying out the wishes of residents to save lives and act in the best interests of residents.


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