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Evington in Bloom is the name of the Friends of Evington’s environmental campaign. It is made up of environmental trustees working with local volunteers. Evington in Bloom is affiliated to East Midlands in Bloom and the Royal Horticultural Society. For more information search the website. Independent groups that enter the competition separately are called ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ groups. You can also search the web for Its Your Neighbourhood RHS Gardening.

All Bloom groups aim to encourage pride in their area and works towards a sustainable future with gardening techniques that support habitats for our pollinating insects and other pollinators and people. To do this the Evington in Bloom team encourages people to get involved with the Friends of Evington charity, and contact the secretary at friendsofevington1@gmail.com to discuss the Evington projects and ways you can help.

Flowers help brighten our streets and make us feel good, but the group also take on responsibilities to work through schools so that children can learn about gardening, sustainable developments and care for the environment.

In Evington (2018) there were eight ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ groups. In 2020 because of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, East Midlands in Bloom have cancelled the scheme for 2020.

Every year from 2012 to 2019 Friends of Evington / Evington in Bloom has welcomed judges from East Midlands in Bloom. In 2016 and 2018 Friends of Evington / Evington in Bloom also welcomed judges from Britain in Bloom. In 2018, Evington received a Silver Gilt award from East Midlands in Bloom and a Silver award from Britain in Bloom. During the summer of 2018, Friends of Evington took part in filming for the second series of the Britain in Bloom documentaries. This 29 minute presentation of Evington was shown by the BBC in the Spring of 2019. In 2019, Evington in Bloom also won the award for the best urban area in the East Midlands and gained another Silver Gilt. Evington in Bloom was especially commended for their work with schools. Mayflower Primary School won a Gold Award and was among the best 5 schools for gardening in the East Midlands. A garden on Spencefield Lane was the outright winner in the Best Front Garden competition, having first won the Best Front Garden competition for Friends of Evington /Evington in Bloom.




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